M&J Personnel Ltd go that extra mile by providing a tailored, expert, and successful recruitment process for Commercial, Industrial, and Driving professionals in the South East.

For us to have forged the reputation that we have, we always ensure that communication and collaboration are at the top of our priorities when working alongside candidates looking for a new job. In previous blogs on this website, we have already given advice on producing outstanding CV’s and showing yourself in your best light at an interview…..and whilst we assist you every step along the way with the process of getting a new job – we know that for this to happen then it’s vitally important for you to be as proactive as we are when it comes to communicating.

We know that the most valuable resource that we have are our candidates. Keeping in touch with them ensures that we provide a successful recruitment environment, and they help enormously to play a key role in our present and our future.

When people say that communication is a two-way street, they’re right. We think ahead and will keep in regular communication with you as a candidate, but it’s also of paramount importance that you keep up fully informed and up-to-speed with any developments at your end. By keeping in regular contact, we ensure that the recruitment process is as smooth and positive as possible.

When we say regular, what do we mean by it? Well, we think that at least once every two weeks is a good starting point, and we are always happy to talk to and support our valued candidates. We get repeat business and new business based on the quality of the relationships that we build, and we do this by ensuring that our candidates are never just a number to us and that we get to find out about them as people as well as professionals.

Communication can come in many different formats: simply checking in; updating; providing feedback; offering professional advice; enquiring……it really is good to talk, or email! We said at the start of this piece that we go that extra mile for our candidates – keeping in contact with candidates plays a vital part in identifying, developing, and keeping long-term relationships. Whether it is good news or bad, we will be there for you. It’s what separates us from so much of the competition

At M&J Personnel Ltd, we understand that by building rapport and good working relationships this helps to attract the very best candidates in the future. Candidates may also be able to provide referrals for us and help bring in new business by way of making an introduction into new companies, too.

Whilst we put you the candidate first, by doing that we also put ourselves first, too. Positive and regular communication keeps both clients and candidates happy, helps to build the company and brand awareness, and we all know that word of mouth marketing and reputation is of huge importance to any company. That’s why it’s important that candidates are on board with our mantra of regular communication being a two-way street, and to keep us informed of any changes in circumstances – both positive and negative. This includes any problems they may be having at work.

We always seek honesty and transparency – that’s what you will get from us. Silence isn’t golden when it comes to the world of recruitment. For example, if you fail to turn up for work for some reason, we’d love to find out from you, not your employer. The whole process has a huge knock-on effect for what we as recruitment specialists have to do. Often, if a candidate doesn’t show for work then we have to spend a lot of time getting a replacement in, and it can often have huge implications for our relationship with the client.

As we said before…..it’s great to talk (or email). So, if you are a candidate looking for new driving and industrial positions in the South East, then head over to our Contact page and let’s start the ball rolling.